Spinnekoppe (2014) for solo classical guitar – for Nina Fourie-Gouws
Reflections (2015) for solo piano
Butterfly (2015) for solo harp – for Lucinda Brigitta Watts
Dragonfly (2015) for harp duet – for Inge Wessels and Lucinda Brigitta Watts
Ladybird (2015) for harp and classical guitar duet – for Inge Wessels and Roché van Tiddens
Shongololo (2015) for classical guitar quartet – for Paul Daniels, Riaan de Peers and Damian du Plooy
Rooted Melodies (2015) for solo recorder – for Antoni Schonken


Sirius (2013) for SATB, classical guitar, harp, soprano recorder and contrabass
Volcanoes of Iceland (2015) for SATB
Vilakazi’s Dream (2015) a song cycle for soprano and piano
– composed for Stefans Grové Competition – for Lauren Dasappa
Green Eggs and Ham (2015) – for Cloetesville Primary Choir (Jamestown Sounds Community Project)


Rubikube (2014) for two violins (viola), oboe (English horn), clarinet in Bb (bass clarinet), and piano – composed for Kompos Chamber Concert 2014
Straatkind (2014) for string quartet and percussion consisting of items such as glass bottles, bottle cap shakers, cardboard, newspaper, water, coin shaker – composed for Composers National Collegium Workshop 2015 – dedicated to Lucinda Brigitta Watts
Its Just an Es (2014) for string quartet and percussion – composed for Schützwoche
Die Wind (2015) for recorder ensemble – composed for young students of the Jamestown Sounds Community Project (working on live electronic version)
Praying Mantis I (2015) – for 2 harps, 2 guitars and percussion

Praying Mantis III (2015) – for brass quintet

Kogelberg (2016) – for the Pelléas Ensemble


Histogram (2013) for full orchestra with alto saxophone and harp solo – dedicated to Hardie van Tiddens
VerlorenVlei (2014) for full orchestra and percussion – composed for Kompos Orchestral Concert 2015 – dedicated to Pierre and Annette Schnetler

Praying Mantis II (2015) for symphonic wind band performed by USSBE under Rik Ghesquiere


Orion (2013) for violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, bassoon and synthesizer
Kitchen Cutlery (2013) for classical guitar and live electronics
Outburst of Stars and Elements (2012) for tape

Dung Beetle II (2015) for live electronics, solo percussion and guitar

Praying Mantis IV (2015) for tape and live electronics performed at the Purpur Lab 2015

Walls (2016) for B-flat Clarinet, Traditional African Percussion and Live Electronics


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