No Frontiers Music Festival – Birmingham

The No Frontiers Festival has just come to a close. The festival ran for a week from the 25th of March to the 1st of April. It was action packed and all embracing ranging from music on Analogue Synthesizers by Seán Clancy, to the reciting of Lucy Harvey’s Worries by Michael Wolters and Paul Norman, to full on ensembles such as decibel and Thallein.

I had 5 pieces performed throughout the festival and recordings will be uploaded as soon as they have been mixed.

First, Draaikolk II  for wind quintet performed by the Birmingham Conservatoire student group, LUMOS,

second, Visarende for clarinet and live electronics performed by Luke Newby on clarinet and myself on electronics,

third, Riaad-hims performed by the Birmingham Conservatoire Creative Ensemble under Riaan Vosloo,

fourth, So Glad soos Seep for the Thallein Ensemble,

and fifth, a collaboration with Lucinda Watts on an exhibition piece called WWW wat, waar wie, what, where, who? at the Vivid Trip exhibition in Digbeth.


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