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Unyazi Festival, New Music SA

Walls (2016) for live electronics, b-flat clarinet and traditional African percussion will be performed at the New Music SA Unyazi Festival in Cape Town on the 15th of July in the Lunch Hour concert.

Programme Note:

The problem with physical infrastructure is that you can’t move through a wall. You can, however, break through the wall. In musical terms the perception of timbre allows for walls to form between different spectral content. When air is cooled water droplets form, and the droplets combine into a river, the heat of the burning sun then turns the water back to air. There is a continuous transition. A similar process of continuous evolution is reflected by the piece, with brief moments of ‘walls’ that are the connecting points between the different atmospheres. The ‘walls’ in the music paradoxically clear away the divisions of society, the divisions between night and day, life and death.

Rehearsal before the Unyazi Concert 2016