Purpur Lab

On the 18th of November from18:00 to 20:00 at the Youngblood Art Gallery in Cape Town experimental compositions will be performed in the ‘laboratory called Purpur’.

The first PURPUR Lab provides a platform for new cutting edge work, complemented by modern ‘classics’, with artists from South Africa for ONE NIGHT only.The evening features performances/works by Kurt Schwitters, Michael Blake, Frank Mallows, Mareli Stolp, Pierre-Henri Wicomb, Coila Enderstein,Gyorgy Ligeti, Nicola Van Straaten, Brydon Bolton, Roche Van Tiddens, Prematuur (Saskia Wicomb), Miles Warrington, Joanna Wicherek, George Crumb, Jacob ter Veldhuis and Wilmien Wicomb.

Roché van Tiddens will be performing Praying Mantis IV for live electronics. Pre-recorded underwater material forms a tape, and live recordings during the performance are manipulated in real time and played over the tape. These live recordings will also be taken underwater, where the audience will contribute by dropping things in water, swishing it around, etc.


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